Our Refund & Payment Policies are for the following conditions

For any issues related to the quality of service, you can e-mail us at helpindoor@gmail.com or call our support team on 9988775550.

1. Helpindoor Process refunds when the Customer has already paid in advance and cancels request before getting our service.

2. Helpindoor would be liable only for the service rendered / appliance repaired / replaced. Further, Helpindoor would not be liable for any service / appliance which has been changed / altered post such rendering of service / repair, by you or any third party.

3. Helpindoor do not refund if Our team is not able to complete task in given time under any circumstances. In this case Helpindoor rescheduled a professional for a Favorable Time by customer with Mutual Understanding.

4. Refunds will not be processed if Customers experiences issues again within 7 Days with the task completed by our Team. In this case we send a professional again and fix it again without labour charge. (Only Applicable within 7 Days of Actual Service).

5. In case you have any concerns with the work completed, Helpindoor may cause the service to be reworked free-of-cost, provided that such concern raised is bona fide and/or upon Helpindoor conducting an inspection, if necessary.

6. Helpindoor do not process Refunds if something is damaged or broken by our Service expert. In this case you have to talk to the service provider, who came to your home, itself for Refund. We do not guarantee for any refund in these cases. Helpindoor only help in connecting customer to the local venders or local professional. We do not hire them.

7. Helpindoor will not responsible for any actions or behavior of the Helpindoor Expert, nor will it be responsible for any consequences thereof.

8. In case it is difficult to identify if the rework is related to the Helpindoor rendered service or not, we will send our technician to conduct an inspection, without any additional inspection charges and take a complete account of the situation. Post such inspection, if our technician is of the view that the rework is not related to the Helpindoor rendered service, no rework of the service will be rendered. You will further be liable to reimburse any and all charges of the technician for such inspection.

9. Total Amount can change based on the Issue. Our professional service provider always gives the exact price but in some cases Customer Appliance have certain Parts Faulty and Damaged and they need to be replaced with New Parts. So The Fee will be revised to include the price of those Extra Parts used.

10. Please report any payment or invoicing related issues within 48 (Forty Eight) hours of the job closure.

NOTE: For any issue regarding the work completion or Refund or damage, call directly the Service Expert. We do not hire them. We just connect you with them.